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The Srednevolgsky stankozavod Ltd. was established in 1876. It is one of the oldest machine building enterprises, not only in Russia, but also in the world. During more than 100 years the plant has produced more than half a million of lathes. Legendary models of machines 1A616 and 16B16 are still respected by turner for its high reliability, easy operation and high processing accuracy. The plant was the first in the USSR to master the production of CNC machines.

Srednevolgsky stankozavod Ltd. has all the technological competencies for production of high precision lathes. The Machine Plant range of products includes more than 200 units of technological equipment which enables high-precision machining of large pieces of casting, gear processing, ultra-precise finishing operations of surface grinding of spindles, shafts, gears, precision boring operations. All mechanical components of machines, including base frame, spindle assembly, stand, tailstock are made directly at the facilities of Srednevolgsky stankozavod Ltd.

To ensure the required accuracy and its long-term operation, all basic parts of machines are subjected to various stabilization of geometrical sizes (natural and artificial aging), bed guides of high quality cast iron are heat treated at high frequency current installations. Critical parts of machines (spindles, quill, lead screws, gears, etc., are made of alloy steels which are subjected to various heat treatment methods, including ionic and gas nitriding, nitrogen and ionic carbonization, etc.

When manufacturing critical and basic parts, the following is widely used: ultra-precise grinding, gear-grinding and thread-grinding machines and other advanced equipment. The plant metrological service using advanced inspection instruments, for example, laser interferometers, profilers, different types of microscopes, hardness measuring instruments, etc. contributes to stable product quality.

The basic principle during assembly and installation of the products is subassembly and bench assembly with wide running-in of assembled units. To reduce noise and vibration, the main motion drive components and individual parts are dynamically balanced. Finished machines are tested for reliability, rigidity and running under power (cutting1).

At present, the plant is completely focused on the production of machines with precision accuracy classes А, В and П according to GOST 8-82. The plant is the only Russian manufacturer of ultraprecision lathes.


Production Association “Start” is the largest enterprise in the Penza Oblast, one of the leading and dynamically developing instrument-making enterprises of the State Corporation “Rosatom”. The enterprise manufactured its first product on June 30, 1958 and since then it has been constantly developing, increasing production capacity and improving the used technology.

Manufacture of machines at PA “Start” has a long history. In 1993, the company has produced the first batch of mills. Over the next ten years production of nine types of small lathes, mills and woodworking machines, including mills with program control, has been established. Several hundred pieces of equipment have been exported to the countries of Western Europe.

To date, the company assembles lathe with operational control system SAM AT 400 “VECTOR” and its modifications. In addition to the assembly of components supplied by Srednevolgsky stankozavod Ltd., the enterprise specialists perform final machining, manual scouring of parts responsible for ensuring kinematic accuracy, adjustment and monitoring of a finished machine. During scouring of stand, carriage, seats of drives, headstock and tail stock, the surface-to-surface accuracy of the machine parts is not more than 3 mkm to ensure the workpiece noncylindricity of not more than 5 mkm. About 20 special precision devices and instruments are used for machine control during assembly.

To ensure the absolute quality of the produced machines, Srednevolzhskiy Machine Plant and Production Association “Start” have decided to almost completely localize the component production at their own facilities. Strategic partnership of Federal State Unitary Enterprise Federal Research and Production Center «PA «START» named after M.V.Protsenko» and Srednevolgsky stankozavod Ltd. is a new stage of development of Srednevolgsky stankozavod Ltd.. Joint production of new products, lathe with operational control, has been set. New ultraprecision machines are being designed. New systems for mechanical working of parts and assembly of machines are being commissioned. The Partnership plans to enter foreign markets in Europe, Africa, America

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